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Lead Generation Services

We offer a wide array of lead generation services tailor made to suit your specific business needs. Our unique, proven methods, deliver targeted leads directly to your business giving you more of what you’re looking for and cheaper than traditional methods of generating leads like PPC, SEO and other marketing agencies.

Lead Gen Websites

We create geo specific, niche targeted websites which generate leads. With years of local SEO and web development experience, our websites outrank your competitors delivering high-quality, exclusive leads.

Click To Call

Through call forwarding and tracking software, our leads are directly routed to you through Click To Call integration. This means local businesses like you interact with customers searching for your specific product or service in real-time. You’ll know the lead’s from us when you hear “Transfer”.

Report and Tracking

To make sure you’re getting everything you pay for, we’ll send you a monthly report detailing lead metrics like when, how long and the number. You’ll also get log-in info to see real-time reporting within our call tracking software.

Common Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Be Notified After Each Call?

We have the functionality to set up our software so that it sends you an email and push notification through a phone app interface advising of each new call. This will assist you in tracking the performance of the partnership. The app is available as a free download for Apple and Android devices.

How Are Customer Calls Generated?

Using our expertise, we have set up a high ranking local website in your area that answers common customers needs in your business niche. When somebody hits the call button on our website, a call is generated that is directed seemlessly to our local business partner. Along with the website we also use a local Google my business listing to generate calls.

How Will I Recognize A Call From You?

Any calls sent by us have a very short spoken word “transfer” at the start of each call that only you will call, this is how you will recognize a call is from us. Further to this, you can also request a call report at any stage which will list calls forwarded over a set period.

What Are the Terms of Partnership Available?

Each new business partner will automatically statrt a 3 month program partnership. After this is complete you may choose to roll this over into another 3 month partnership or upgrade to a 12 month partnership.

What Calls Qualify As No Charge Calls?

Calls that are from a duplicate number, or calls that are abandoned or calls less than 20 seconds in duration will not be changed. Calls from marketers or other similar organisations will also not be charged.

What If I Have a Concern Or Query About A Call?

From time to time, we understand you may receive calls that are not qualified customers ie. marketers calls etc We are happy to receive any concerns in writing and to work with you to address them to ensure your account is adjusted. When queries of this nature are raised, we will respond within 48 hours and credit your account.

What If I Want To Stop The Calls?

Even though we hope to partner with you for many years, you may opt out of the program, however you must first finish the term you have agree to partner with us for- either 3 month or 12 months , or negotiate an exit arrangement with us.

Will I Be Charged For Calls I Do Not Answer?

We will charge for calls that are sent to your number in trading hours (even missed calls) as customers will normally leave a message with missed calls for follow up.

Award Winning

Best Local SEO Melbourne Marketing Agency

Champions Cup award from the eBusiness Institute of Australia for being the Best Local SEO Melbourne Marketing Agency. With offices in Melbourne, Australia and the US, we’ve become internationally known as an industry leader in local SEO lead generation.


“These guys know what they’re doing. Took my business from 20 leads a month to 120 in less than 30 days. Before I stumbled upon Pan Pacific I was considering closing up shop, and now, I’m hiring more staff – Incredible Job. Thanks for Saving My Business!”

Sean McVay, Brisbane Appliance Repair Service

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